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Last on air: 18:55 | 15.06.2019


"I love men who can understand my mind!I love all about sex and i need man who have time for me! Turn on: ?i liked t0 make me? feel i am important to you.and my feelings was your priority to care about.......of course someone who knows what girls really want!!Turn off: Honestly, i am kindly dissapointted those people? who talked bad with me.people who doesn't know how to respect girls.who? doesn't know the right manners and treat girls? nicely...maybe in thier thought they are? more better than us . but? probably? when they act that way ... i can say .. they're more worse!!stop being judgemental....nobody's perfect!.....Not me!!.but . not even? you!!!!!!if you think you are????? that's only in your mind!Hate rude guys! Turns on guys with sense of humour,smart and respectful.Turns off LIARS, BIGGERS."
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